Welcome to Leading Children Ltd, our training company that has been operating for over 12 years. The ethos of our company is a belief in a child’s right to take a leadership role in their learning. The name ‘Leading Children’ was selected because of its dual meaning that as practitioners we lead children, but more importantly we promote their right and ability to lead themselves and us in our shared learning journey.



“Over the years, I have trained undergrads, headteachers, teachers, support staff, parents, volunteers, and governors. I am available to train in schools, other settings, or at our own training base here in Bradford, West Yorkshire. I believe that training should be inspirational, meaningful, and should have immediate and long-term impact. My training sessions will usually include discussion, debate, and relevant practical activities. I can lead half day/ full day/ multiple day training sessions and programmes, including; twilights, workshops, staff meetings, and parent workshops.”


“Every 5 years or so, you listen to some training that you know is going to transform the way you teach, and today was one of those days. Thank you [Rachel], that was brilliant.” Teacher, Brompton-Westbrook Academy, Kent.


Here is a brief but non-comprehensive list of things I train on. If you are interested in training that isn’t listed here, please get in touch to discuss with us your training needs!

Early Years
  • Exemplary Early Years practice & provision
  • Deepening Children’s understanding of mathematics; a mastery approach
  • Developmental Writing; Understanding the incremental stages of children’s early writing and using ‘irresistible’ writing opportunities in play
  • Ensuring quality learning outdoors
  • Quality Interaction; based on the principles of ‘sustained shared thinking’
  • Small Worlds, Huge Outcomes; using small world scenarios to develop talk and knowledge throughout the whole curriculum
  • Block Play; the exquisite learning power of block play to develop literacy, maths, geographical, engineering, and creative skills
  • Leading Children into Mastery; teaching elements of Maths Mastery to deepen children’s understanding of concepts and skills
  • Making Outdoors Count; teaching elements of Maths Mastery outdoors
  • Developing Effective Provision in KS1/2
  • Hooks into Writing; making writing irresistible
  • Changing Mindsets; a practical application of Growth Mindset in the classroom
  • Reciprocal Reading
  • A Connected Curriculum; a connected curriculum and the essential learning culture that drives it

Please contact us on 01274 710610, or email office@leadingchildren.com for all training enquiries.