Woodland kitchen kit

£130.00 + Vat

Woodland kitchen starter kit. Wooden structure not included!  I have stopped calling this area a, ‘mud kitchen’ because it seems to upset some people!  Also, it’s not so much about the mud as the sticks, pine cones, twigs, sycamore seeds, herbs and other ingredients and decorations children use to create their incredible menus that matter!


Woodland kitchen starter kit.  We use a combination of mostly new and a few second items to make up each bespoke kit.  We like second hand stainless steel because of its quality and robust nature, as well as being more eco friendly!  The kit will always include: 6/12/24 bun/muffin trays, a wooden pestle and mortar, 2 plates, 2 cups, kitchen utensils, various baking sheets in different shapes and sizes, measuring cup and jug, pans and frying pan, teapot, jug and sugar bowl and serving dishes.  Other items will be added to make up the full value of the kit.


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