Our new exhibition, ‘Legends and Yarns’ opens on Monday 30th October and runs until Friday 10th November.   Passing on legends and spinning yarns with children are important features of learning about our heritage.  We have focused on creating enticing hooks for writing, in our ceaseless quest to make it real, relevant, powerful and exciting for children.

Our exhibits include:

  • The World’s smallest Fairytale Museum (we even have the pea from under the mattresses as well as Rapunzel’s hairbrush on short term loan)!
  • Mystical Creatures including  Cottingley and other Fairies
  • Robin Hood and his Merry Men, including Friar Tuck’s Forest Larder
  • The Apothecary: including Pharmaceutical Delights such as Grandma’s Scabs, to ward off unwanted suitors (possible side effects: Craving for over boiled sprouts, excessive smelly wind, outbreak extra hairy green warts) or Concentrated Concentration juice made of 40% Broiled owl brain 10% poached wolf earwax and Extract distilled seriousness.
  • Writing opportunities in outdoor play
  • The 3 Pigs kitchen and office (free building quotes available)
  • The Mermaid’s Hidden Lagoon
  • The Dragons Lair

Dates: For the 2 week  duration of the Exhibition, we will open as follows:

Monday: 10 – 7.00

Tuesday 10 – 6.00

Wednesday 10 – 6.00

Thursday 10 – 7.00

Friday 10 – 3.00

Saturday 9.30 – 12.30

Cost: £12.00 per person, please ask about large group discounts

Free gift for each school attending: Memory Stick containing all writing scaffolds, labels, images, pro forma used in all exhibits.

How to book: Please call Kim Oliver on 01274 398235 – we are monitoring bookings to try to avoid congestion as we anticipate 200 – 300 visitors per week, based on the last two years’ exhibition visitor numbers.

Leading Children Imagine, 385, Canal Road, BD2 1AW