I have always really loved moss.  I love the fact that it is usually green – my favourite colour.  I love the velvet sort that is tightly knit together and the kind that looks like a bouquet of stars.  In fact all types of moss are beautiful and interesting…and free!  If you can scrape relatively large pieces from the floor, garden wall or path, it can become a fantastic flooring for a small world scenario in a tray or crate.  It looks like grass, but is far better than artificial grass at helping to create a complex, natural looking mini world.

If you decide to give it a go – make sure you keep it moist and watered!  Firstly because it will stay green for much longer, even if it eventually dries out.  And secondly because you never know what seeds have been blown or dropped into it and miniature flowers and grasses often begin to sprout, which offers an awesome talking point!

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